My Advanced Computer class is coming to a end in the 3rd trimester. But I will still be adding to my site, and I will still be learning more things about computers, so you can still be learing with me as I move on. Feel free to ask me questions about my blog or about computers. I will do my best to keep up with you and your questions. 
    My favorite activities are Maze Magic and making additional games. They were very fun in the things that you do. For Maze Magic I made Pellet Adventure 1 it was so cool. I got around 2000 XP for that project!! And for the additional games I made Pellet Adventure 2,3, and 4 with the help of Cody(good friend).
   I sujest this course to you, so that you will be able to make video games through Scratch.  
Read the directions and have fun!! Made by Wes And Cody!!
Read the directions in the game! Have Fun! Protect the Base! Made by Wesley and Cody.
Pellet Adventure 2 has the same rules except that its 2 player and they has more advanced weapons. Point and click for player 1, point and press 'p' to throw a grenade, arrow key's to move. Player 2 has a force field press 'e', press 'q' to drop a bomb. Use 'w,a,s,d' to move. Have fun, and don't Die! Made by Wesley and Cody.
Click space to start. The first song by Toby Mac is City on our Knee's, Hold On, and then Made to Love.
Click space to start.
First Click on the Game then press the space bar, to find your destiny!
Click on the game first then follow the directions! I created the game!
Click space to start and watch
        To start all games/videos click on the game/video and press spacebar. Then to stop the game/video press the Stop sign in the upper right hand corner of the game/video.